Saturday, August 10, 2013


Back in July I attending a meeting at Second Pride,this was a public meeting and because I care about OUR community I wanted to go hear what was being discussed.After the meeting I tped home and logged off.I logged back in and went to a beach party.While I was dancing and having fun a friend who also attended the meeting IMed me and asked me if I knew about a certain blog. I answered no he then informed me I was in the blog.I asked why would I be in a blog,he shared the link with me,so I went to the blog and was shocked when I read what this person or person wrote about me. I was attacked for attending a meeting,a meeting that was suppose to be about PRIDE.As I read further other people had been attacked as well. It appears that the persons or persons who owned this blog were afraid that I or someone else would run against the Candidate that they were endorsing.What really bothered me is that this person or persons created this blog under a fake name to bully and taunt people into voting for their chosen candidate.I responded back to their statement about me and thought that that would be the end of it,But it wasn't the following Sunday I was attacked again,this time even worst than before.I replied back to their assault and they refused to post my comments.The next Sunday they attacked me again.I did not bother responding as I knew they wouldn't post the truth.These type of people are cowards and hide under fake names and hurt people to meet and feed their agenda
I along with several of my friends are victims of a cyber bully and a coward.They have since closed their blog as to quote what they said.One of the Candidates asked them to close it.That statement bothers me a lotto think that any person would go to such lengths to use a blog to hurt others and to win support to win a election by hurting others.Where is the Pride in that.
In closing never ever think that it won't happen to you because it can and it did happen to me.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Another Teen Suicide

It is sad as I search the papers across the US I find more and more stories of teen's being bullied and taunted to the point the think the only way out is ending their life. It makes me sad there are other ways of dealing with bullies and it is time that our Law-makers make tougher laws dealing with this issue that has spiraled out of control.

A gay New Mexico teen reported committed suicide after being subjected to intense bullying from his classmates.
Seventeen-year-old Carlos Vigil posted a note to Twitter before he decided to take his own life. Segments of that note have been cited by The Latin Post the Daily Mail and Queerty, among other media outlets.
The New York Daily News that Vigil, who would have been a senior at Albuquerque's Valley High School this fall, was taken off of life support at the University of New Mexico Hospital on July 16.
Meanwhile, Carlos' mother Jacqueline Vigil told Local News that her son had been bullied since he was at least 8 years old.
“He had this lunchbox, a smiley face lunchbox, and people thought it was the funniest lunchbox ever, and they made fun of him for it,” Jacqueline is quoted as saying. “They grabbed it on the school bus and just threw it on the floor and broke it. It's just little things like that.”
Carlos' father Ray Vigil echoed those sentiments to NBC affiliate KOB-TV, noting, "We found out three years ago that he was going through this stuff and we've been trying to help him every day since. We realize he's been going through it every day since he was in the third grade, that's a long time for a child to hold that within himself."

When is this going to stop.These teens are the future and they are ending their lives so fast.Our School Leaders and our Community need to work together to end this epidemic before it is too late