Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Kayla Marie Wright Story

One of my friends at a club I worked at passed me this story,it is sad to read yet her message is carried on .

Kayla Marie Wright (Jan. 12 1995 - Feb 15 2011), a 16 year old girl who drove to Colorado, into a ditch, crashing into a tree to end her life as a result of Bullying. Everyday in school, Kayla was constantly harassed and badgered by her peers. She was called names, pushed, shoved, and shunned. This physical torment led to her being harassed on her Face book page and being sent rude text messages. She one day decided she had enough. She stole her moms car, and drove to her "grave". Her suicide left her entire family completely devastated. Her sister looked at this unexpected tragedy as motivation to spread the word about "Bullycide" and how it needs to end. She created a YouTube page where she posts videos about Bullying and how it affects people around the world. She sends a message to all teens of proper ways to deal with Bullying and how one doesn't need to criticize another to feel good about themselves using her sister's story as a leverage

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